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From Rejection to Achieving Dreams - Rohan's Journey of Improving Soft Skills

This is what 80%engineering students go through.

Rohan as a teen was the guy every parent wanted their child to be like. And yes you are right, he in fact is 'Sharma ji ka beta'.

Kids his age were living in a nightmare, always getting scolded and compared with sharmaji's academically intelligent child.

Rohan had always been good at Maths and Science. So, it was no surprise that he chose to study engineering. Getting a good score was not an easy task even for Rohan, but he studied day and night in the hopes of fulfilling his dreams and finally graduated with honours. He was over the moon, cheeks filled with sweets brought by his parents and getting congratulatory calls from relatives.

He was confident he will get his dream job.

Wearing the suit brought by his proud mother.

All well dressed he left for his 1st interview. Never in his life had he thought of being rejected, but sadly it happened. The 1st rejection was hard to accept but he applied for more interviews not losing hope, but each time he got rejected. Confidence in him slowly left his body, and with a heavy heart he appeared for another interview, anticipating his final rejection, but to his surprise, he was hired as an engineer at a technology company. Although he was happy to have the job, he couldn't help but feel disappointed that he had to settle for something that wasn't his dream job.

It seemed like his lack of skills was going to cost him his dream job. What he lacked were soft skills. So Rohan decided to take GDIOT classes to improve his soft skills, as they guide students in achieving their goals by providing great opportunities and chances of improving soft skills. He gave his all and worked very hard, strategically planning his goals and finally achieving his dream of becoming one of the company's top engineers. Rohan was admired and respected by many after becoming the Chief Engineer at a leading technology company.

But he wished he focused more on improving his soft skills during his college years.....

Hey, but don't you worry, as it's never too late to learn and improve your skills.

Aur shubh kaam mein deri kyun?

Join the GDIOT community, where we design courses for skilling goal-oriented students like Rohan.

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