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Difference between Skilling Vs Upskilling

In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to constantly be learning and developing new skills. But what is the difference between "skilling" and "up skilling"?

Skilling is the general process of acquiring new knowledge or skills, regardless of whether it is related to one's current job or career. It can include learning new skills for personal development or for a different career path.

Up skilling, on the other hand, is specifically focused on improving the skills and knowledge related to an individual's current job or career. It is about gaining new skills or knowledge in order to improve job performance, advance in their career, or adapt to changes in the job market.

At GDIOT, we understand the importance of continuous learning and offer various methods to help individuals acquire new skills. These include:

1. Formal education

We conduct workshops in specific fields such as digital marketing, robotics, content writing, and video editing. Our goal is to provide the necessary knowledge and training to acquire these skills.

2. Mentorship

Finding a mentor in a field of interest can provide guidance and support. At GDIOT, we offer mentorship opportunities to help individuals achieve their goals.

3. Technical events

Participating in technical events is a great way to improve skills and meet like-minded individuals. At GDIOT, we attend events such as those at IIT Bombay and Kharagpur and guide young students with similar visions.

4. Practicing

Repeatedly performing tasks related to a skill can help polish it and learn from past mistakes. We provide various tasks and activities for practicing skills and teaching how to recognise and rectify initial mistakes.

No matter the method, acquiring new skills takes time, effort, and dedication. It's important to set specific, measurable goals and create a plan to achieve them. Additionally, learning should be continuous as skills and knowledge can become obsolete with the fast pace of technological advancements.

At GDIOT, we are committed to helping individuals upskill and achieve their career goals.

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